Limits Computer
Session Time

With New Time Limit Manager, patrons use the computer for the amount of time you allow

Promotes fair & Appropriate Computer Use

New Time Limit Manager ensures users agree to your Usage Policy before accessing the computer

Works Great with
Clean Slate

Pair Clean Slate with New Time Limit Manager to clear user changes providing a consistent computer for every patron


At a Glance

  • Support for
    Windows 10/8.1/8/7
  • Easily allocate public access computer time
  • Limit session time through reservation tickets
  • Simple reservation ticket system does not require any additional hardware or personnel
  • Ticketless system option available upon setup
  • Use with Clean Slate to clear unwanted changes between each user session providing a clean computer for the next user
  • Reservation tickets can be printed individually or in any quantity
  • Automatically stop computer use at, or prior to, library closing time
  • Schedule computers to be unavailable by time of day
  • TLM works well with public access security software such as Fortres 101, Clean Slate, & others
  • Ideal for both library and home computers
  • Remotely monitor the screen content of all public access computers identifying inappropriate use
  • Instantly view and tally computer activity (in-use and idle) throughout your entire library
  • Windows 2012 (and R2) /2008 (and R2)/2003/2000 server (if managing more than five computers)
  • Promotes fair and appropriate use of public access computers
  • Allow different computer session duration for different times of the day
  • Automatically stop computer use at, or prior to, library closing time
  • Easy installation will have you up and running in minutes
  • Using TLM, librarians no longer need to stroll around policing computer users
  • Your help desk will always know which computers are available and how much time is left for each active computer session, without leaving their post
  • Automatically closes all programs used by the previous user
  • TLM gives users a convenient countdown timer displaying their remaining time in the session
  • Librarians can remotely send messages warning patrons of inappropriate use

Time Limit Manager - Powerful Usage Management For Your Public Access ComputersTime Limit Mgr. v.10
Powerful Usage Management
for Your Public Access Computers

Limit patron time on public access computers. Pair with Clean Slate, to clear unwanted changes between sessions providing a clean computer for the next user.

Attention SignTip: Add Clean Slate security to Time Limit Manager to wipe all previous user mischief providing a hassle-free computer for each new user

New Time Limit Manager 10 (TLM) provides a convenient and reliable method to implement custom Usage Policies for public access computers, such as those currently deployed in public libraries.

TLM provides all necessary infrastructure to display a Usage Policy on each computer screen, to require and obtain patron’s digital assent to the Usage Policy prior to computer access, to enforce computer session time, to effect an orderly closing of all previous session applications, and to return to the Usage Policy display for the next patron.

Easily enforce usage policies

TLM is a mature product that can successfully help to implement a wide variety of Usage Policies with very little effort from administrators. Best of all, once TLM is monitoring the Usage Policy, librarians are free to attend to their important responsibilities rather than policing the fair and proper use of public access computers.

Use with Clean Slate to clear all user activity

When used with award-winning Clean Slate, all traces of user activity (cookies, history, mischief) are thoroughly cleared at the end of each session providing a clean computer for the next user.

Limit session time through reservation tickets

Attention SignTip: With the addition of Clean Slate, automatically clear user changes after each Time Limit Manager session without a reboot!

With Time Limit Manager installed, the computer displays an inviting entry screen with your organization’s own Usage Policy Statement. The screen prevents the computer from being used until a valid PIN is entered and the usage policy is accepted.

The valid PIN is distributed through the use of reservation tickets. Quickly and easily print the reservation tickets customized with your time limit policy. This is ideal for single public access computers or networks of thousands.

Easily view all computer activity on the network

TLM also provides for the remote observation of computer use. On a librarian’s computer TLM will display the status of every public access computer. This status includes which computers are in-use, idle, or off-line. Librarian’s can view screen shots, end sessions, and send messages reminding particular patrons of appropriate use.

Time clock displays session time remaining

TLM displays an unobtrusive countdown timer on each public access computer indicating the time that the patron has remaining before all of their programs are automatically closed and the machine is prepared for the next user. At two intervals shortly before the session is to end, the patrons are given a prominent on-screen notice that their applications will soon be closed.

Automatically lock all computers at closing time

Attention SignDid you know that Time Limit Manager can automatically stop computer use at, or prior to, library closing time?

TLM can be used to effect the orderly ending of all computer sessions at a particular time prior to the library closing. This saves librarians from the unenviable task of walking around to each computer reminding patrons that the library is closing.

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