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Google, Twitter & Zuckerberg

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Privacy Hose, mask your Internet activity, shield your personal details from big tech's surveillance machine

Protect Your Privacy
Shield Your Personal Details

As we post, share, comment, tweet,
text and explore our curiosities online,
big tech watches, records, collects,
saves and sells... everything.
Regain your Right to Privacy
with Privacy Hose

Privacy Hose obscures your digital life from the view of Google, Facebook, Twitter and other lurking bad guys

Keep Your Personal
Details Private

Privacy Hose obscures our digital lives from the view of Google, Facebook, Twitter & other lurking bad guys by producing a sort of white noise, flooding our tech surveillants with deceptive, misleading and useless information which renders our true online activity and behavior indecipherable.

Stop intrusive advertising from stalking you with Privacy Hose software

Stop Intrusive Advertising
from Sticking You

Companies use Behavioral Retargeting to plant details of our online behavior in subsequent sites that we visit. That’s how Facebook knew you shopped for foot powder on Amazon. Privacy Hose stops accurate behavioral profiling and tracking without resorting to ad blockers, deleting cookies or using private mode on your browser.

Protect your online reputation by confusing the data and bamboozeling the collectors with Privacy Hose software

Protect Your Online Reputation

Ever Google yourself? Our friends & employers do. Nothing is anonymous. Everything we do online — explore interests, research medical concerns, comment in forums — is data collected & recorded by big tech. Privacy Hose confuses the data and bamboozels the collectors. Restoring confidence to browse privately.

What is Privacy Hose?
...or how not to feel hinky while using the Internet

Milo the dog


Remember when you could go to Facebook, read Aunt Sue’s post about her dog Milo and not worry that creepy Zuckerberg was scraping your posts and profile for personal infomation to sell off to weird companies, extreme political organizations (that you’d never wanna to be associated with) or even shady foriegn governments?

We're two developers, we believe in the right to online privacy, and we developed Privacy Hose

We Do, Too!

We’re two developers who specialize in security software and we believe that you should be able to read about Milo, buy an endtable, watch a cooking video, research a medical condition, or... just explore your curiosities... privately without being creeped out by Facebook, Google, or Youtube’s surveillance. So we developed an app with a funny name, Privacy Hose.

Privacy Hose software - break and confuse the big tech surveillance machine

Privacy Hose & Our Right to Privacy

Privacy Hose breaks and confuses big tech's surveilaince machine. As you continue your normal online activities, Privacy Hose discretely waits in the background and then floods snooping bad guys with a deluge of deceptive, misleading & useless information. The wave overwhelms unwelcome eavesdroppers rendering your true online activity impossible to decode. With Privacy Hose, our digital lives are back to what we always thought they were — discreet and private.

Confuse the Data, Bamboozel the Collectors


Installing the Privacy Hose app is a snap! After a brief setup, you’ll never have to think about or interact with Privacy Hose again.


Without changing your Internet experience, Privacy Hose imperceptibly waits in the background and floods data collectors with a dynamic blast of profitless information, masking your personal data and online activity.


As search engines, advertisers, and miscellaneous bad guys change tactics to track and analyze, Privacy Hose learns and updates to respond.

Restore Your Confidence to Browse Privately Today!

7 Days Free
included with license
Privacy Hose monthly, mislead the bad guys and regain your online privacy



7 Days Free
included with license
Privacy Hose monthly, mislead the bad guys and regain your online privacy



Mask Your
Internet Activity

Regain Your Privacy

Privacy Hose overwhelms and confuses all prying eyes, including Internet scolds and the faceless mob, masking your online activity