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Thank you for your interest in Fortres Grand software downloads. To access a product download, please select the product tab below. Each download will run as a 30 day demo. Once you purchase the software, enter your serial number to convert the demo to a full running copy.

Clean Slate® Complete

Non-restrictive desktop protection,
restrictive desktop protection or
your ideal combination of both

Clean Slate®

Non-restrictive desktop protection
for all Windows platforms
Reduce support costs

fortres 101

Restrictive desktop protection
for all Windows platforms
Diminish downtime

Central Control

Easy central network management
for Clean Slate® and Fortres 101

DriveTap Forensics

Provides a clear view of file access
patterns on your servers and PC's

time limit manager

Powerful usage management
for your public access computers

Bully Button®.com

Private bully incident reporting
& tracking for your school

Privacy Fence

Active privacy protection
and forensics