Embolden the Bystander,
Facilitate the Hero
A safe, confidential way
to facilitate & nurture bystander intervention

Bully Incident Reporting
& Tracking for Your School

An Affordable, Easy to Implement Tool
to Enhance Your Anti‑Bullying Program

Administrative intervention process simplified and friendly

Bully Incident Reporting
& Tracking

BullyButton.com complements the anti-bullying program in your school by instantly providing a friendly, multi-platform process for administrative intervention in situations of abuse, bullying, cyberbullying, and social aggression.

Bystander transforms, stepping forward to report bullying

Eliminate the
"Bystander Effect"

Anti-Bullying programs falter when kids don't report bullying. By eliminating the barriers of in-person reporting, BullyButton.com provides the confidence and security needed to convert a reluctant bystander into a concerned witness.

Mandated bullying reports automatically created in an instant

State-Mandated Bullying Reports
in an Instant

BullyButton.com is comprised of a comprehensive event alerting framework, an incident response tracking, categorizing, and delegating system, a broad-featured querying engine and a specialized, near effortless state-compliance focused report generator.

In 30 Seconds: Bystander into Upstander
Encouraging students to speak up isn't enough

BullyButton.com Reduces the Friction

Most schools lack the necessary infrastructure to process abuse situations in a way that provides both security and encouragement to reluctant bystanders. BullyButton.com instantly provides that infrastructure. With a multi-platform, friendly interface, BullyButton.com converts passive bystander into empowered advocate by facilitating the safe, rapid, authored or anonymous reports of incidents of abuse. See BullyButton.com now.

Nuanced, Actionable, MeaningfulBullyButton.com provides the invaluable insight needed to gain a better understanding of your student population and their learning environment.

the Hero,
the BystanderAn affordable, easy to implement, necessary tool. Enhance your bully prevention program today

BullyButton.com Anti-Bulling Software