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fortres 101

Restrictive desktop protection & lockdown security for all Windows platforms; includes secure remote computer grouping, monitoring, and management, even or non-domain computers

Desktop Security
& File Lockdown Software

In minutes, effortlessly
restrict access to any aspect
of Windows operation
& Win Today!

Fortres 101 locks down the desktop.
Block user access to files, folders, programs, drives, etc. while preventing users from:

  • Exiting Windows
  • Accessing a command prompt
  • Adding, moving, or deleting icons
  • Altering anything about the appearance of Windows
  • Installing, copying, or downloading software
  • Running any programs not specified by the administrator
  • Using low-level system tools
  • Changing printer configurations
  • Changing screen saver configurations
  • Accessing unauthorized Web sites
  • Erasing important system files
  • Saving files on the hard disk and even accessing files on the hard disk
Effortlessly restrict access to any aspect of Windows

Desktop Security
& File Lockdown Software

The desktop and file lockdown security of Fortres 101 Cloud restricts access to any aspect of Windows operation. Affordable, effortless, powerful.

Restrict installation of viruses and malware

Eliminate Virus Downloads

Fortres 101 Cloud restricts downloads and software installations, including viruses & malware

Easily restrict/block local drives and removable media

Protection by Blocking Local & Removable Drives

Fortres 101 Cloud offers you the ability to restrict/block local hard drives and removable media drives as well as any local file, folder, or application.

Easily restrict/block local drives and removable media

Easy Remote Administration

Fortres 101 Cloud allows complete administration from any device anywhere with secure web-based configuration. You can even group, organize, and assign tasks to non-domain computers.

In 30 Seconds: How to Free Your Life of Computer Mischief

Our university library has utilized Fortres as its primary security tool for 4 years and the results have been excellent in terms of "hackability" for 60 plus machines. The time spent repairing compromised workstations has been dramatically reduced. I can recommend Fortres without qualification for public workstations

Our Customers Succeed with Fortres 101!
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I only wish I knew of Fortres when I was configuring systems for children & other careless users, it's practically bulletproof!Voorhees, NJ
Unfortunately, Fortres 101 is, in general, a rather secure program. There aren't really any holes in the program that have been discovered.Found on a hacker web site
Fortres has really helped me reduce my work. As a system administrator, I have saved a lot of time doing other important things than maintaining the PCs, all thanks to Fortres.Singapore

Comprehensive Security from
Malicious or Inexperienced Users
Fortres 101 has successfully secured computers for years
and is voted the best desktop security software for Windows.

Human Threats & Malware
Easily Secure Windows 11/10
with the desktop lockdown security of Fortres 101

Fortres 101 desktop, file lockdown security