Fortres Grand - Award-winning security, access control & reporting software

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Achieve Reliable Computer Security
Reduce Support Costs & Diminish Computer Downtime

Fortres 101 - Secure, flexible feature and file lockdown security for all Windows Platforms

fortres 101

Restrictive desktop protection
for all Windows platforms
Diminish downtime

Clean Slate - Non-restrictive Desktop Security for All Windows Platforms

Clean Slate®

Non-restrictive desktop protection
for all Windows platforms
Reduce support costs

Time Limit Manager - Powerful Usage Management For Your Public Access Computers

time limit manager

Powerful usage management
for your public access computers
Easily enforce usage policies

Clean Slate Complete - Secure Computer Fleet Management with Both Non-Restrictive and Restrictive Endpoint Protection

Clean Slate® Complete

Endpoint security & cloud-based remote management for domain & non-domain Windows computers

Central Control - Easy Central Network Management for Clean Slate and Fortres 101

Central Control

Easy central network management
for Clean Slate® and Fortres 101
Save countless hours

DriveTap Forensics - Provides a Clear View of File Access Patterns on Your Servers and PC's

DriveTap Forensics

Provides a clear view of file access
patterns on your servers and PC's
Log unauthorized file access