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Configuring Central Control to use LDAP


This document explains how to configure Central Control 7 to retrieve users from an LDAP server.

System Requirements

  • Central Control 7
  • Fortres 101 7 and/or Clean Slate 7 installed on a client computer and connected to Central Control 7
    • LDAP Server
    • Active Directory
    • NDS OpenLDAP


  1. Open the Fortres Security Interface on a client computer
  2. From the Group Menu open the Security Group Manager
  3. In the Security Group Manager window choose the File | LDAP Server Properties menu item
  4. Enter the properties for the LDAP server
    1. Enter the name or IP address of the LDAP server
    2. Optional: Specify an account name and password to access the LDAP server
      1. This only needs to be specified if the LDAP server does not allow anonymous browsing
    3. Optional: Specify the root object
      1. This only needs to be specified if Central Control should only search for users and groups in a specific container of the LDAP tree
    4. Press the OK button to save the configuration to the Central Control server
  5. After the LDAP properties have been modified, the left side of the Security Group Manager will refresh and the server item in the tree can be expanded to view the LDAP objects.
    1. NOTE: If a problem occurs retrieving the LDAP users and groups the plus sign will disappear next to the server item. If this occurs, verify your LDAP configuration information and repeat step 4.