Fortres 101
with Central Control
Clean Slate®
with Central Control
Clean Slate®
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Block Start Menu & Start Menu Items


Block Explorer User Interface Actions


Prevent Moving or Modifying of Desktop Icons


Block Access to Control Panel and Admin Tools


Deny Access to Particular Files and Folders


Block Shell Context Menu


Kiosk Mode to Run a Single Full-screen Application


Block Particular Keystrokes


Block Access to Particular or All Internet Sites


Block Installation of Programs

Deny Access to Executable Files

Control Security and Settings of Entire Network Remotely

Log Off, Restart, and Shut Down Remotely

Reset User Interface Changes Upon Logout


Selectively Reset File Changes at Logoff


Selectively Reset Registry Changes at Logoff


Undue Program Installation Upon Logout


Exempt Security Based on Application or User

Apply Security to Administrative Users

Apply Security to Particular Files or Locations (with full wildcard support)

Enable and Disable Security without Reboot/Logoff

Accommodates remote configuration software while security is active (ex: SCCM, Altiris and LANDesk®)

Control Security and Settings of Entire Network Remotely

Image Easily

Exempt Users Based on Active Directory Container


Exempt Individual and Groups of Computers


Schedule Time of Day for Security State


Wake on LAN


Schedule Remote Tasks


Internetwide Control of Client Computer


Permanently Apply Windows Updates and Antivirus Updates While Security is On