Clean Slate®
Clean Slate®
with Central Control
to Restore
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Antivirus updates are permanently saved while security is active


Windows Critical Updates run automatically and are permanently saved while security is active


Block unwanted executables and programs


Easily restrict files running from removable media and network shares with the flexibility to still allow permanent saves


Zero Day malware & MBR protection


Restrict installing or executing unknown applications


Enable and disable security without reboot


Automatic restart, shut down, or log off after a period of inactivity


Easily allows permanent saves in existing user folders without partitioning (ex: My Documents, Desktop, Favorites)


Clear user changes at reboot

Clear user changes at log off


Disable security at scheduled time for maintenance

Installs seamlessly on image, with no extra processing on each imaged computer required


Customize security by user, computer, or group

Permanently stores product activation codes so licenses are not reverted at reboot (ex: AutoCAD® products)


Accommodates remote configuration software while security is active (ex: SCCM, Altiris and LANDesk®)


No yearly maintenance fee required for technical support


Allow administrator specified applications to make permanent changes


Log off, restart, and shut down remote computers


Control security through a network


Based entirely upon review of published promotional material and upon individual product Web sites as that material and Web sites existed on January 9, 2014, what is shown above is a comparison of the features of Fortres Grand’s Clean Slate and its competitor programs. If the competitive programs offer features over and above those listed in the promotional material and product Web sites of the particular competitor of Fortres Grand, then those features were not so publicly advertised for those products.