BullyButton.com Anti-Bulling Software

Incident Tracking Software

BullyButton.com provides a rapid incident alerting framework through text or email.

BullyButton.com facilitates the tracking and reporting of bullying, relational aggression, sexualized aggression, cyber-bullying, victimization, perpetration, bystander observations, administrative response, discipline, and mitigation.

Bully Button.com is designed to reduce the friction and delay caused by in-person bystander alerting of bullying incidents, ease the production of mandated bully reports, and help administrators track responses to bullying incidents.

BullyButton.com is an easy-to-use incident reporting website that encourages the anonymous or authored bystander reporting of bullying incidents that might need administrative attention.

BullyButton.com is backed by a sophisticated, secure, and flexible administrative facility that is comprised of a comprehensive event alerting framework, an incident response tracking, categorizing, and delegating system, a broad-featured querying engine, and a near effortless state-compliance focused bullying report generator.

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Bystander reporting of bullying incidents is vital. Unfortunately it is often a time-consuming, risky, and unpleasant undertaking. Once compounded with the low intrinsic or social motivation that busy kids have to judge or act and the feeling of helplessness that many bystanders experience, too much remains unreported and so un-remedied.

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There is much nuanced, meaningful, actionable information the spreads rapidly through youth and community personal networks that never makes the jump to someone who can help. BullyButton.com opens up many channels to allow this information to be anonymously reported to school authorities, by first, second, or even third parties.

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