Privacy Fence - Active Privacy Protection and Forensics

Privacy Fence
Active Privacy Protection and Forensics

Why is this Free? As a weekend project, a couple of our nerds modified a component of our DriveTapTM Forensics product and borrowed technology from Clean Slate® in order to protect their own files. The resulting features were so compelling they decided to put this together in an installable package and make it available for their friends. While it uses technology from our existing products, the market for this is clearly outside of our niche. But rather than just sit on this, especially after seeing the variety and volume of otherwise undetected threats and theft that make it through firewalls and antivirus, the nerds made an easy case to release this as a free offering, as a one year license.*

Friendly and Mature

Privacy Fence is free of ads, collects no information, and does not ask for registration.  Privacy Fence does not connect to any remote servers and never phones home. Privacy Fence can be stopped and started, enabled and disabled, installed and uninstalled all without ever rebooting.

Novel Effective Approach to Privacy Protection

Privacy Fence works by looking at your machine, the file types, the installed applications, digital signatures, and your preferences. If a program or website tries to access your text documents, spreadsheets, or the like, that it is not registered to handle or that you have not explicitly given permission for handling, Privacy Fence will halt the access, alert you of the program, its publisher, and type of access being requested. Privacy Fence will then wait for your authority and control before proceeding.

Configuration is Near Effortless

After installing Privacy Fence you will see a two-click wizard that will look at all your registered file types, matching them with files in your recently used list and profile. Privacy Fence will then watch these files for access and prompt you for permission if any unusual access is attempted.

Access Logging

Privacy Fence keeps a record of every unusual file access attempt made on your personal files, making it easy to track the malware and spyware traffic patterns and identify Trojan horses.

The Future of this Project

The nerds are pretty excited about this and are adding features. So look for updates. In this first version there is nothing in the software to check for updates or ever reach out of your computer. So updating is left as an "exercise for the reader". If you have questions or suggestions send them to

* One of our chubby, mole-covered, song-humming lawyers wants us to tell you: Privacy Fence is being released with a one year revocable license. Also be sure to read carefully the license agreement where it says the software is not guaranteed to do anything in particular and that it is up to you to determine its fitness for a purpose. Computer security is difficult, fragile, and fleeting.

Benefits & Advantages